Monthly Archives: February 2013

THERMI S.A. – Partner of the Green Energy Cluster under the co-ordination of the Center of Research & Technololy Hellas (CERTH).

THERMI S.A. continues its actions for the commercial exploitation of R&D results and participates in the newly established “CHORUS Green Energy Cluster”. Seventeen SMEs are participating in the cluster’s activities under the co-ordination of CERTH as a result of the cluster’s proposal evaluation and approval on behalf of independent international evaluators under the co-ordination of […]

BIOIMEROSIN LABORATORIES S.A., a THERMI S.A. daughter company, protects innovative medical imaging international IPR portfolio via filings of three patents.

The company protects a medical imaging IPR portfolio through USPTO and PCT filings of three patents. Seven years of R&D have lead to the development of a prototype for the dynamic imaging of leg joints (knees) which is currently under clinical trials targeting FDA approval. The company was jointly incorporated in 2006 by THERMI S.A. […]