BIOIMEROSIN LABORATORIES S.A., a THERMI S.A. daughter company, protects innovative medical imaging international IPR portfolio via filings of three patents.

The company protects a medical imaging IPR portfolio through USPTO and PCT filings of three patents. Seven years of R&D have lead to the development of a prototype for the dynamic imaging of leg joints (knees) which is currently under clinical trials targeting FDA approval.

The company was jointly incorporated in 2006 by THERMI S.A. and the Dr George Papaioannou, Professor of the University of Wisconsin, having as target the commercial exploitation of Dr Papaioannou’s team  R&D results in the Dynamic X-Ray Stereography Analysis and Imaging (DRSA/DRSI) technology.

DRSA technology enables surgeons and orthopedic medical specialists to monitor the behavior of leg joints in real time at pre and/or post surgical level. Installation of such a medical imaging system to hospitals internationally will be a revolutionary move forward in the field of orthopedic diagnosis.