THERMI S.A. proudly welcomes 5 startups to be supported in the context of the 1st support cycle of H2020 Media Motor Europe project.

THERMI S.A. proudly welcomes ADWORKTECHBRAINGINESfaktualFrameright and Medoid AI, 5 among the 20 startups selected after evaluation to follow the 1st Media Motor Europe support cycle. THERMI – Business Incubator, as being one of Media Motor Europe‘s hosting hubs and with the aid of an experienced coaching team will co-ordinate their support throughout the cycle. It will orchestrate experts and a reach international network of candidate partners to match their needs and facilitate their growth in the European #media sector.

ADWORK TECH develops OTT advertising by placing realistically virtual products into broadcasted video content, BRAINGINES SA develops fast audio production middleware benefiting from GPUs’ excess processing power,  faktual develops an AI-assisted automated workflow application for news sourcing and article articulation, Frameright develops an AI-assisted platform for efficient photo editing and archiving enabling easy meta-data creation and Medoid AI develops and trains a ML engine to enable hate speech recognition in published text via crowdsourcing.