Investment Strategy

THERMI VENTURES invests minimum € 750.000 and maximum € 4,8 million to small and medium-sized unlisted Greek innovative companies. The fund invests up to € 2,5 million per year per approved investment.

Investment Principles

The Fund invests through:

  • Acquisition of shares (common or preference, voting or non-voting).
  • equity interests or convertible bonds or debentures of Greek SMEs.

Investment Critiria

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  • Greek-based, non-listed, SMEs with a clear vision towards maximizing profitability and exceptional growth through:
    • Stable and predictable income stream
    • Strong incremental positive cash-flows
    • Strong fixed assets base
  • Conditions under which such targets could be achieved are mainly through:
    • The development and distribution of innovative products and/or services internationally
    • The sales of such products and/or services in emerging or rapidly growing international markets
  • Prerequisite for investment decisions will be the existence of a strong management team with executives who possess:
    • Thorough understanding of the markets they operate in and who have proven their ability to grow and manage their company
    • Holding of a significant equity stake in their company

 The investments will be oriented towards:

  • Well established, profitable companies with increasing turnover for funding their major expansion (Expansion stage)
  • Recently established companies for funding their early expansion (Early expansion)
  • Extremely promising startup companies (Early stage)

Industries of Interest

Investments to be considered will preferably belong to the following sectors:

  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
  • Energy and Alternative Energy Resources
  • Environment
  • Healthcare Systems and Medical Technology
  • Biotechnology
  • Food & Organic food products
  • Tourism
  • Real Estate

Investment target

To achieve high capital gains for the investors, through:

  • Selling of the portfolio Companies equity shares held by the Fund to strategic investors or Private Equity Funds.
  • Mergers and/or Acquisitions
  • IPOs
  • Buyback agreements with the basic shareholders