People & Company

The procedures to be followed by a venture capital management team require a combination of financial, managerial, administrative, technical / technological knowledge and respective knowledgeable team members that work together with the management of the companies in which it invests.


THERMI VENTURES S.A. holds a highly experienced and cohesive management team, proven and successful operational and assessment procedures, significant capital commitment and the will to add value not only to its investors’ committed capital, but also to its portfolio Companies.Untitled design (2)

THERMI VENTURES S.A. management team is supervised by an investment committee that is composed by five members, successful and highly respectable professionals from the Banking, the Business and the Academic sectors.

The Investment Committee’s tasks are:

  • The review, preliminary and final approval of recommendations made by the manager for investments to be made by the Fund.
  • The monitoring of the investments made by the Fund.
  • The evaluation, preliminary and final approval of the manager’s proposals regarding disinvestment.


THERMI VENTURES S.A. manages “THERMI-TANEO VENTURE CAPITAL FUND” according to law 2992/2002. Investors of the Fund are the New Economy Development Fund(TANEO), holding 49,9% of the committed capital, IBG  CAPITAL S.A., a Greek listed holding company, holding 25,05% of the committed capital and FRENCO Ltd., a holding company, holding 25,05% of the committed capital. The committed capital is € 24 million.THERMI-ΤΑΝΕΟ VENTURE CAPITAL FUND has:
  • Closing date: 20/3/2008
  • Total commitment: €24.000.000
  • Term: 10+2 years
  • Investment period: 19/3/2013
  • Fund’s domicile: Thessaloniki
  • Legal form: A.K.E.S.
  • Structure: Closed-End Venture Capital Mutual Fund
  • Management Company: THERMI VENTURES S.A.
  • Investment focus by stage: Expansion, Early Expansion, Early stage
  • Investment focus by industry: Small & Medium Enterprises