Entrance Procedure

The admission procedure of a new innovative company in the THERMI S.A. Business Incubator consists of four steps. The proposal evaluation duration depends mainly on whether the enterprise requests funding, besides housing and value adding services. In this case the process takes longer.

Elegible Candidates

  • Newly established enterprises, researchers and individuals.
  • Small to Medium sized enterprises wishing to develop a new product or an innovative procedure.
  • Existing enterprises aiming at developing individually, or in collaboration with others as a new business entity, innovative products or services.
  • Enterprises and coalitions which seek the collaboration and any support that the business incubator can offer them.

Entry Process

1st Step: Initial Expression of Interest

Submition of an executive summary or a business plan or submition of information through our online form, detailing the products or services developed by the applicant’s company, as well as the development procedures, focusing on innovation and differentiation of those when compared with existing ones.

2nd Step: Technology Audit – Documentation of Innovation

The submited material is evaluated by THERMI S.A. officials and/or by external scientific advisors, in case that a specialized opinion is required. If the proposed business pla indicates that innovative technology is embodied in products / services developed by the applicant company, the proposal is forwarded to the Entry Committee.

3rd Step: Admissions Committee Evaluation

The Entry Committee, based on the previous findings, proceeds to an extensive search and examination of the innovation report according to the entry criteria. This particular search is concerned with the innovation of the business idea, the magnitude of the market, the used technology, the development prospects, the existence of an enterprising plan and the abilities of the management team. According to the above criteria the Entry Committee makes a decision on the entry or not of the interested enterprise.

4th Step: Entry

This final step is realized when the entry of the enterprise is approved and the new incubatee is given a full account of the services provided by the business incubator, their rights, obligations and responsibilities. Furthermore, the new tenants are being informed about the Statute of Operation and all the required contracts, describing the terms of use of the incubator’s facilities, are signed.steps