The Business Incubator’s facilities exceed 6,000sq.m., making it the largest Incubator of Southeast Europe. They have modern equipment and the entire infrastructure necessary to accommodate innovative SMEs.

Congress and Multi-Usage Rooms

The conference – MultiUsage Rooms have a flexible layout and can consequently be shaped according to the needs of the events they host for up to 200 people. Available with all the necessary audio-visual equipment that includes a full sound system and translation cabins. It is available for the tenants of the Business Incubator, the members of THERMI LINK, as well as any other individuals or companies outside the incubator that wish to use them.


The facilities are fully equipped with all necessary equipment to support the tenants of the Incubator, including photocopiers, printers, fax etc.. It is also equipped with all necessary machinery, for example servers, digital telecommunication centre, routers for each of the tenants, microwave telecommunication link etc. that secure the proper operation of the network installed in the Incubator.

Restaurant-Coffee room

A special room properly furnished on the ground floor of the building, serves as a gathering area for the tenants during lunch and coffeebrakes.