Thermi S.A. Portfolio


Since 2004, THERMI S.A. Business Incubator invests in advanced technologies and innovative products by founding in cooperation with Greek and foreign researchers technologically innovative enterprises.



Historically, DIVERSA S.A.  has been involved in watch sales and repairs since 1948.

The company was founded in the municipality of Palamas in Karditsa Furthermore, a shop in Athens operated under the brand name ORA-ORA. In 2007 the company’s headquarters were moved to Athens.

Diversa S.A.’s headquarters are situated at 11 Kratinou St. (7th floor) where the   company’s management, and further business functions such as its showroom, financial, sales, logistics, after sales and service departments are located.

The company was founded with the aim of making a dynamic entry into the field of the marketing and sales of watches and jewelry. With quality, efficient service and the constant observation of technological evolution as our primary goal, it soon transformed into a particularly robust unit, with a significant position in the domestic market.

The company’s retail sales network consists of shops bearing the brand name ORA-ORA which operate through franchising.



The Greek Statistical & Economic Data Service, Hellastat S.A. operates in the areas of business information, market research, decision support systems and advisory.

Hellastat is a strategic partner is a strategic partner of Moody’s, the world’s largest credit rating organization, and of Thomson-Reuters plc, the largest information and news provider.

Hellastat – certified by Lloyd’s Register for our quality assurance process in information providing and relative services – holds the largest database of business information, for more than 250.000 firms and 150 industries, that covers the full spectrum of the economic activity in Greece and the Balkans

Hellastat SA is a member of SEV (the Federation of Greek Industries), EADP(the European Association of Database & Directories Publishers) and ESOMAR(the World Association of Opinion & Marketing Research Professionals). In addition, it is certified by Lloyd’s Register for the provision of economic and business information and services.



The company develops an integrated solution for the dynamic X-Ray imaging of hard and soft human joints’ tissues. The Dynamic X-Ray Stereography Imager “DRSI” will benefit from MRI images and will offer the surgeon a simple tool which will provide him/her with complete kinematic imaging files, describing a fully analysed (kinematic and mechanical) performance history of knees, arms, elbows and/or heaps joints.

Operation of the complete “DRSI” system at clinical level will introduce a radically innovative product in medical community, that will enormously speed-up and inrease the accuracy of surgeons’ surgical planning and post-surgery treatment procedures, while in the same way, it will significantly improve the patients’ quality of life. DRSI technology intellectual and industrial property rights are protected internationally via 3 patents.



Vidavo is specialized in the field of health telematics. Τhe company addresses private and public health care providers, providing innovative solutions for remote monitoring of patients’ vital signs and remote monitoring of chronic diseases.

The funds raised from the investors will start a wider investment plan, worth one million euros, which aims to generate new products and promote existing solutions, both domestically and abroad. Exploratory contacts have already been made in Jordan and South Africa.

The company during the eight years of operation has won awards and distinctions for its innovation action and has attracted venture capital from the Incubator THERMI, which has funded its initial projects, and currently participates in the share capital with 24.86%.

Vidavo S.A is listed also on the Alternative Market of the Athens Exchange and has gain additional momentum. It will continue however to serve effectively the Innovation in eHealth sector consistently, with vision and sensitivity to the supreme human good “life”.



RethINK SA started in May 2002 as a business unit of ATS Informatics SA and continues today as an autonomous company with the unique objective to collect and quality remanufacture laser and inkjet printer cartridges.

RethINK Sa is hosted by THERMI SA, an incubator based in Thermi, Thessaloniki. RethINK SA has a clientele all over Greece.

The quality of RethINK’s products is equal to the OEM’s, therefore giving the client a product of high quality at a substantially lower cost while at the same time we contribute to a recycling effort and to the preservation of natural resources!



“The Second Method S.A.” carries out applied research in the field of digital content flexible management and structuring, with focused objective the creation of innovative interactive applications in CD-ROM and DVD formats.

The first series of products is concerned with cognitive computer games for infants, computer casual games with increased accessibility for children and handicapped adults and integrated interactive DVD applications for use by adults either in early stages of dementia or suffering from cognitive impairments.



AGROSENSE was founded in 2014 with the goal of providing high precision farming solutions to the Agrofood industry. The sensor system produced by the company provides high analysis of the conditions of an agricultural installation reducing costs and maximizing efficiency.